Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Election and the Military

Some pundits and observers appear to be making the point that if Romney becomes President this evening, it will be good for the military.  And, they are opining that Obama is going to be bad for the military.  This blog has come to the conclusion that there will be little, if any difference in policy that affects the military.  It would appear that either man as President will result in essentially the same result.

Size of the military: Romney says he want to make the Army larger and to build more ships.  That sounds good, but it flies in the face of his other promises to reduce the budget.  Given the makeup of the federal budget and the huge requirement to pay for entitlements -none of which will be reduced in the foreseeable future- to increase the military budget by the amount necessary to add personnel to the Army and to build the additional ships would necessarily increase the national budget.  Can't do both, Mitt.

Both will conduct about the same military policy with respect to the war in Afghanistan.  While Romney will say some different things than has Obama, the net result will be a clear reduction in operations in Afghanistan beginning in 2014.  Neither man has said when the US would pull the last troops out.

So, regardless of who is named President this evening, the result for the military is the same.  It will probably be reduced in size over the next years, mostly as a result of having to cut the budget to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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